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The International Decorative Artisan League’s

2016 Educational Event Recap

The last week in September was an AMAZING and EXCITING time for those who attended the 2016 IDAL Convention in San Diego, California.  Decorative artists from across the United States, and as far away as China, Italy and the UK traveled to San Diego for our yearly event. The weather was perfect all week allowing everyone to enjoy the wonderful scenery.  Especially enjoyable were the views of the sunsets with palm trees, beautiful flowers and of course the ocean. 

IDAL teamed up with the Concrete Decor Show to bring together a large group of vendors, sponsors, instructors and a wide array of talented members and applicators.   This dynamic mixture made for a truly wonderful week of excitement with creativity and energy abounding. 

Friday and Saturday saw the arrival of most of IDAL’s Board of Directors and several of the instructors and sponsors.  Also, arriving was our team of wonderful volunteers from the San Diego area under the leadership of Volunteer Coordinator, Emma Wright. San Diego volunteers were Emma Wright, Julie Young, Kara Wald, Cassandra Schramm, Kari Caldwell, Kathy Smith, Vicki Schulz, Joanne Cesena and Katherine Hunter.  Other volunteers from across America were Karla Boddie, Tim Glasteetter, Ya Levy, Dawn Neri Renner, Cathy Rinn, Sarah Hines, Mets Schilstra and Bob Andrews. These volunteers were awesome! They prepped and set up the classrooms, kept the water buckets clean and worked to make sure all of the workshops ran smoothly.

We would especially like to thank Board Member Lori Wilson, without whom this convention would not have come off so smoothly. Lori truly gave her all in pulling together the many details that go into orchestrating a large event, such as this. Her amazing energy and organizational skills kept many of us “scatter brained” artists on task.  Lori coordinated the entire event and assembled the volunteers to provide support throughout the convention.

Also, on Saturday the Board of Directors held their monthly Board of Directors’ Meeting, assisted in setting up the classrooms and organizing the IDAL registration booth.

Sunday morning found volunteers and Board members prepping the classrooms and manning the registration booth. Workshop participants gathered to begin five days of intense training in the following workshops:


The Modern Romanic Style Wall Finishes
With A Twist Of Painted Paper Countertops

Taught by Kelly S. King

Modern American Country Cabinets And Walls
Taught by Rebecca Slaton

Creating The Beauty Of Bas-Relief
Taught by Ellie Ellis

Atmosphere In Landscape For Mural Painters
Taught by Andy Eccleshall


Creating The Beauty Of Bas-Relief
Taught by Ellie Ellis

The Modern Romanic Style Wall Finishes
With A Twist Of Painted Paper Countertops

Taught by Kelly S. King

The New Bohemian Walls And Cabinets
Taught by Rebecca Slaton

Cloud Painting For Muralists
Taught by Andy Eccleshall


Creating The Beauty Of Bas-Relief
Taught by Ellie Ellis

Project Planning For Creative Brains
Taught by Crista Cloutier

Glass Bead Bonanza For Walls, Floors And More
Taught by Sue Scott

Oxidation, Contamination And Concrete By Novacolor
Taught by Master David Sav


The Art Of The Focal Wall
Taught by Kathy Wear

Oxidation, Contamination And Concrete By Novacolor
Taught by Master David Sav

Mica Mica Mica – New Mica Concepts For Business
Taught by Diane Corso

Rustic Lux
Taught by Robin Belisle


Timeless Cabinets And Furniture
Taught by Sarah Hines & Mets Schilstra

Mica Mica Mica – New Mica Concepts For Business
Taught by Diane Corso

French Pallet Art
Taught by Robin 

Monday Evening Think Tank

In addition to  our scheduled Monday classes, we held our evening Think Tank session that was well attended.  Attendees were very clear in stating their suggestions and views concerning the direction for our organization. Most of their comments were point on and were delivered from the heart.  The Board of Directors were very complimentary of the professionalism of all in attendance and vowed to begin work in moving IDAL to a higher level. IDAL Secretary, Anita Yeh Norrie was present to document the attendee’s comments.  These comments will soon be used as we develop our strategic plan for the future. President, Rik Lazenby and Past President, Glenda Mosley presided over the session.

IDAL Annual General Meeting and Expo

Tuesday was another event-filled day with our Annual General Meeting beginning at 8:00am.  Past President Glenda Mosley presided over the first part of he meeting and gave a recap of the past year.  She spoke briefly on a few of the challenges that we had encountered but most of her remarks were focused on moving the organization forward with grassroots support and members taking ownership of their organization to build it and move it upward. Glenda also spoke briefly about Citadel Insurance Service and the great work that Heather Ricks had done to restructure some of the policies to provide better liability coverage for some of our member who had particular needs. Much more information will be forthcoming in the near future for our members.  Everyone in attendance agreed that Glenda had given her all and definitely had made a difference in the communication and focus of IDAL.  After her recap she turned the podium over to Cathy Rinn, who gave an overview of IDAL’s stencil certification program and recognized those who had earned their certification this year.  The newest Certified Stencilers are:

  • Dee Lenehan – CS from Maryland
  • Natalie Gordon – CS from Nevada
  • Diane Williams – CS from Virginia
  • Cathy Rinn – Master Stenciler of ‘choice’ category: Metal - from Maryland

After the certification recognition was complete, Glenda introduced the newly installed IDAL President, Rik Lazenby. Rik introduced himself and thanked the outgoing Board of Directors, Cindy Andrews and Lyna Farkas. In addition, Rik recognized the entire Board for all they had accomplished over the past year. Next was the introduction of the newly elected Board members – Beth Warnecke, Diane Williams, Mindy Harrell and Cindy Howard. In addition, President Lazenby introduced the entire Board and their responsibilities for the coming year. After the formalities, Rik began to go over some of the goals for the coming year. One of the primary goals is to become more global in our focus and more inclusive as to our organizations outreach to fine artists, architects, designers, decorators, builders and craft people in the building industry.  Also, Rik spoke on improving our relationships with others in the decorative arts industry. He mentioned that team building and communication would be high on the organizations priorities, as well as, improved organizational marketing for the future. In conclusion, Rik turned the meeting back over to Glenda Mosley to introduce the Keynote Speaker, Crista Cloutier. Crista, owner of delivered a powerful statement on how the arts had defined who she had become. Her speech was so well delivered that Glenda commented, “I had so many people tell me that Crista Cloutier was the best speaker we have ever had and seven people immediately signed up for her mini-workshop.” At the conclusion of Crista’s speech, Rik adjourned the meeting and invited everyone to the opening of the Expo. 

The Concrete Décor Expo spotlighted many vendors in the decorative concrete and decorative arts industries. The vendors representing the decorative arts industry were Golden Artist Colors, Variance, Novacolor, Mica Revolution, Metropolis, Meoded Paints and Plasters, Royal Design Studio, Texstone, Advance Coatings Group and IDAL/Citadel Insurance Services. During the remainder of the week a number of the vendors spotlighted their products on the demonstration stage.  The evening concluded with many attending the Concrete/Paint Décor Welcome Reception.

Wednesday was another action-filled day with workshops and Expo ongoing. Glenda Mosley led a lunch meeting with various Chapter members and discussed the new ideas and directions for the IDAL Chapters over the next twelve months. Glenda is the new Chapter Liaison and will also be working with the Chapters on developing their philanthropic projects for next year.  The energy of the meeting was evident and everyone left with an optimistic strategy for moving forward.  

Wednesday evening concluded with IDAL’s Mad-Maskers’ Auction that included refreshments and artisan cheeses/fruits provided by Kelly S. King Academy, Perfetto and Rescue and Resurface. Thank you, Kelly S. King!  Before the auctions took place, Past President Glenda Mosley recognized the various Chapters that had submitted entries for the Adele Bishop Scholarship Award. As excitement built, Glenda announced the winner, the Metro Artisans Guild from St. Louis, Missouri! An award well deserved. The Silent Auction was very successful and additional fun was had as attendees bid against each other for a bounty of donated items. Winner of the Best Painted Textile Fashion Show was Pam Hernandez! This was a great way to spend the last evening together before the classes and Expo ended on Thursday afternoon.

The workshops and Expo ended Thursday afternoon and everyone began the tear down, pack and cleanup process. Before this happened Board members, Lori Wilson and Anita Yeh Norrie delivered donated creative writing/drawing adult coloring books and art supplies to the Bannister House as our philanthropic project. Everyone gains by giving! The week saw IDAL gaining thirteen new members and a renewed camaraderie among many of the attendees. In conclusion, we thought that it would be proper to include some of the comments from some of our attendees:

From Cari Vawter: “I just want to thank everyone who helped pull this incredible IDAL convention together....I couldn't begin to name everyone (you know who you are ). ❤... But all the hard work and efforts definitely did not go unnoticed. Being here reminds me of why we do this....bringing together such talented lovely people....the fellowship and sharing. I was so glad to meet my FB friends in person and many new friends as well.... Only wish there had been more time to spend one on one with each and everyone! Also, a BIG thank you to all the incredibly talented instructors for all the work that goes into preparing for these events and the generous knowledge that you all shared. To everyone....❤ you all!!” 

From Ellie Ellis: “I am on my way home from IDAL and the Concrete Decor Show. I had such a wonderful time connecting with family and friends. I have also met so many new friends. I am feeling totally blessed.” 

From Mets Schilstra: “Feeling accomplished. What a day! Had a great time in Kathy Schultz Wear's class being a bucket boy. Teresa Kreulen Brown was keeping me in line, a two day class, booked to the gills, done in ONE DAY!!! What an amazing deal all students got. Definitively information overload, but we are all connected to help with questions after this day!!! 24/7 connected through Facebook.” 

IDAL would also like to thank our sponsors for the event:

IDAL would also like to thank the following businesses for their donations for our event:

  • Advance Coatings Group
  • Artistic Painting Studio
  • Craftsy
  • Ceroglass
  • Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes
  • Citadel
  • Design Crete
  • Design 7
  • DuRock
  • Focus on Faux
  • General Finishes
  • Golden Artist Color
  • Heartland Chapter
  • Ja Dacor
  • Kelly King Institute/Perfetto
  • Laser Excel
  • Melanie Royals/Royal Design Studios
  • Meoded Paint
  • Metro Artisans Guild
  • Metropolis
  • Mica Revolution
  • Modern Masters
  • Novacolor
  • Sheri Zeman/Faux Design Studio
  • Pierre Finklestein Institute
  • Polka Dot Sox
  • Leslie Nesbit/Rhythmic Walls Stencils
  • Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing
  • Texston
  • Variance
  • V-mask

IDAL would like to thank everyone involved in making this year’s 2016 Educational Event a success. We will now begin to build on this success and strive for an even greater event in 2017.  Please remember that You are the key for the future. Reach out to others in the industry, bring in new members and younger members. The future of our industry depends on it!

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