By Natalie Gorden

I hesitate to call myself a faux finisher most of the time as I feel it’s a misnomer as what I do is so much more than faux; I prefer to refer to myself as a decorative artist. I do, however, love it when I get one of those projects that are truly “faux” in all senses of the word. This project was the idea of the homeowner who decided that since the stone that was put up for his wine room was too thick to be continued up the stairs, that we should do a faux stone to match.  It was a great challenge and I was so pleased with the end result and thankfully the designer and homeowner were as well.


  • 2 in blue tape
  • Faux Effects Sandstone
  • Faux Effects Aquastone
  • Faux Crème colors in various shades
  • Glaze

To start my faux stone I began with a layer of Faux Effects Sandstone (you could use any gritty texture) and let it dry overnight.

Next came the tedious job of using blue tape to form the grout lines.

This step was time consuming, as I would change the shapes here and there as I went.  With this step it’s important to keep an organic pattern.  The actual stonemason was incredible with his placement and I wanted to keep the same feel. 
Using 2 in. blue tape, rip long strips lengthwise to create rough edges. Place the tape in grout like shapes to mimic the organic edge of the stones, be sure to have no straight edges here.

After the grout lines are placed, go back on top with Faux Effects Aquastone troweled with enough bumps and holes to look like stone.  I often would come back after it had dried a bit with a wet trowel to knock down any rough peaks.  Make this layer thick enough to give it a feel that the stone is raised above the grout. Pull the tape as you go and before the Aquastone has dried.

Last step is to color the stones.  It was very helpful to have my reference right next to me so I could match colors.  I used Faux Crème colors and glazes in layers to achieve the right feel.  I used several brushes and sea sponges to achieve the right effect here, it was all trial and error, but went faster than expected.

I painted the grout last and put some highlight and shadowed areas around the stones to give a bit more believability. 

All in all, this small project took me three short days to complete for a total of about 12 hours.

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