IDAL Instructor Biography

Cindy Andrews

Cindy Andrews is the owner of  V-Mask Foils & Stencils.  Cindy has been in the Decorative Arts Business for over 20 years.  She has worked on many large scale residential and commercial projects.  She is now sharing the knowledge that all her combined Education and experience in the field has given her.

Cindy has been a part of  SALI/IDAL for many years and was on the Board of  IDAL for a three year term.  Cindy also helped start the IDAL Chapter in Charlotte, NC and was president for years.

Cindy has a Studio at Clearwater Studios in Concord, NC and has taught many classes there and has invited many Teacher's to come in and teach.  She sales and designs Custom Stencils, Foils, Metropolis products.

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