IDAL Instructor Biography

Sue Scott
Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes
Carol Stream, IL

Sue Scott knew what area of focus her career was destined to follow at a young age. Because art was something she always enjoyed and excelled at, becoming a decorative artist was a natural next step. In between clients, Scott enrolled in classes every chance she could with an unquenchable thirst for learning.

Scott attended her first IDAL convention in Illinois and became a customer and student after meeting Kathy Carroll of Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes. In 2013, Scott came to work for Kathy at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes. Merging her field experience and thirst for knowledge, Scott found her next niche. Once there, she realized she had the best of both worlds as she continued to explore emerging products and techniques, create new finishes and provide technical support for artisans.

In addition to creating the Hollywood and Jewelry Collections, Scott has also installed these finishes on many walls and ceilings. Scott has been the primary teacher at The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes for the last 2 1/2 years and provides private training at the studio with the “Ala Carte Recipe Collection.” This will be Scott’s second year teaching classes at the IDAL Convention and Expo.
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