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We are excited to offer the opportunity for teachers to participate in the IDAL organization for professional decorative painters and look forward to a longstanding relationship that will benefit both our members and our organization.

IDAL’s main mission is education and the instructor is the key that brings life to each workshop or seminar. We cannot overemphasize your importance in the creation of a successful educational event.

IDAL members deserve some unique finishes, techniques, business perspectives or marketing tips that will make an impact on the industry.

Think about classes, workshops or seminars that you have attended in the past. You will probably agree, the ones that you remember the most are the ones that were visually appealing, well organized, led by a dynamic individual and lived up to their hype. Please remember that people who are willing to carve time out of their schedules, utilize their personal funds and travel to the location of the class (sometimes from great distances), expect to receive something relevant in return. They expect to leave the class with greater knowledge and with a marketable product. And you guessed it…. You are the key to making this happen! Students are very keen at eliminating those instructors who are only present for profit or self-promotion. The finest instructors are those who draw their students into the moment and leave them professionally fulfilled. For this reason, we have the following requirements for teaching a workshop/seminar at the National IDAL convention.


All instructors or seminar leaders must be active IDAL members at the professional or business partner level three months prior to the date of the workshop/seminar.


IDAL will be marketing your workshop/seminar on our website, E-newsletters and in social media but you are expected to be heavily involved in the marketing process. You should advertise your workshop on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, newsletters, postcards… Market Market Market! In the past, the most successful classes have been led by instructors with strong marketing skills. They take ownership in their classes and find a way to market them in a visually appealing manner and in a way that draws their potential students to sit down at the computer and register.

Your students should leave feeling they got their money’s worth and will be able to use the acquired knowledge to build their business. Remember… A happy customer tells 12 potential customers, an unhappy customer tells 24.


Your workshop/seminar must be fresh, innovative, creative and sellable.

You are responsible for providing:

    • An advertised price for the class. See recommendations for determining the class fee under PAYMENT POLICY.
    • A minimum number of attendees required to run the class.
    • All workshop supplies and materials (ex., from prepared surfaces to rags unless the attendees are requested to bring). It is advisable to solicit product and tool donations from industry vendors to assist in keeping the class fees reasonable.
    • A list of required tools and supplies attendees must bring to class.
    • Any audio visual or other special equipment. This can be rented directly from the convention location.
    • Contact information for the class attendees to use after the class for questions regarding content covered during the workshop/seminar. IDAL will take into consideration feedback from attendees regarding this aspect of teaching performance when considering offering your class again.

IDAL will provide the classroom, furniture, protected floors, tables and chairs. In addition, if water is needed, IDAL will provide this on a daily basis with guidance on how to limit the amount of water used. IDAL incurs a disposal cost for used water and follows environmentally safe practices.


The instructor will retain 75% of the workshop/seminar fee. IDAL will retain 25% of the fee.

Figure all of your costs for the workshop (time, travel/hotel, materials) and determine the minimum number of students required to cover these expenses. Add 25% for the IDAL portion.

IDAL will calculate the class payment on the actual number of attendees enrolled in your class on the day of your class after any incidentals, (av equipment, special accommodations from hotel staff, etc) have been reviewed. A check will be mailed from the IDAL accountant after the convention and all criteria has been met by all parties.


    • If you haven’t taught previously at IDAL, you must send two reference letters discussing your previous teaching experience.
    • Any damages incurred to the location property (walls, tables, carpet) as a result of your class is your responsibility.
    • You have the right to create your own evaluation form.
    • Liability waiver must be included- this needs to be on the website as part of registration.


Instructors may not cancel for any reason other than illness or personal tragedy after a specified date outlined in the Instructor Agreement. Please remember that students acquire plane tickets (sometimes non-refundable), secure hotel reservations and many times make arrangements that affect them personally if a class is cancelled. Be mindful of this before you sign this agreement. One of the primary missions of IDAL is education. Your successful workshop or seminar is imperative to our overall mission and your legacy as a teacher. Let’s make it happen.   Email us with your interest,

7804 Fairview Road, Suite C, Box 349,
Charlotte, NC 28226

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