By Robin Belisle

Do you have a small forgotten room that you would love to turn into a studio or office for your business? Do you think it's an impossible task? Well, perhaps it looks insurmountable …but it is possible. A little paint, a few stencils, a few friends, maybe some wine, and at least a design concept should get you going. Here is how we did it…

Step 1: First, find your area….

Step 2: Find your inspiration piece….i LOVE this wall. And I love the way these pieces flow together and feel.  Clear out your room and start painting!

Step 3: Since I wanted to do a wall that looked like it was very vintage and textured, I grabbed about 6 colors in paint. They should all be able to work together, one should be a bit darker and one should be brighter.  The brighter one will tone down after you add the other colors.

Step 4:  Pour two colors in one tray, usually the darkest color with the brightest color.  In this case, it was a smoke color with a burnt orange.  In the second tray, add two more colors, similar.  Here, a beige that is yellow and a beige that is gray.  Third tray, is a white.

Step 5: Roll on the colors in the first tray.   Together and random.  When dry, roll on the colors in the second tray and immediately roll the white sporadically over the areas until the look is how you want it.  Continue on until you have completed your wall or room.

Step 6:  Then I decided to do a wall that had the feel of a Moroccan rug.  Very patterned but in the same color palette.  At this point we picked out an array of stencils to be used and then narrowed it down.  We started with the stencil we figured would be the easiest to help us determine the rest.

Step 7:  We stenciled a few more rows and we saw that it was all coming together.

Step 8:  Once we completed the wall, we moved to the floor.  We painted it in a nice glossy floor paint in black and picked out a stencil that we thought would work with the rest of our plan.  We painted it in a smoke metallic.

Step 9:  We then did a quick paint finish on the door and called it a day.  We did a very quick but suitable room makeover for a client that just needed an area for her small clothing boutique line!   In a pinch, think outside the lines!


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