By Tracy Wade

Foil, Glassbead and glitter over Metallic Plaster

When using glass beads and glitter wear protective googles to protect your eyes.

Step 1:
Apply a paint basecoat that matches the Metallic Plaster (MP) that you are going to be using. 

Step 2:
Apply a scratch coat of Modern Masters Espresso Metallic Plaster.

Step 3:
Light sand. Apply a light to medium coat of MP in the same color as step 2, being sure the basecoat is evenly covered, let dry.

Step 4:
Light sand. Apply Artistic Painting Studio (APS) Foil Size by roller in a smooth even coat, let dry until a nice tack is achieved or size is clear.

Step 5:
Apply Muted Gold Foil available from V Mask Foil 100% over the plaster and “size” and using a wallpaper brush scrub it on, carefully pull off the foil being careful not to let the old film stick to any un-foiled areas. Keep the pretty side facing YOU!

Step 6:
To Modern Masters glass bead gallon I added from Cero Glass:

These bags come in 1# bags. I added about ¼ bag each.

  • Pure silver glass glitter: GG-1060-877-S100 (0.90-1.40)
  • Pure red glass glitter: GG-1060-187-S (0.90-1.40)
  • Copper glass glitter GG-1060-157-LS (0.90-1.40)
  • Copper glass glitter GG-1100/157S (0.20-0.30)
  • Golden Orange glass glitter GG 1090-143S (0.25-0.40mm)

Step 7:
WEAR YOUR SAFETY GOOGLES FOR THIS STEP. This step works best with a partner. Generously and from top to bottom trowel on the glassbead and glitter (GBG) all the way down over the foiled area, when you have applied one vertical row the width of your trowel, before it starts to dry, pull the corduroy tool vertically through the glassbead gel, keeping the lead edge of the tool slightly off the surface so the beads can get spread fairly evenly. You may need to “knock” off some of the GBG as they fill up the corduroy tool, and you can put back into the container. Wall Glazing Cream (WGC) can be added to the GBG to keep it fluid, being careful not to add too much. Finish applying the GBG as noted and drag with the grass tool until the wall is complete. Let dry and carefully cut the tape to remove. Wear your googles as the beads can flick off and into your eyes. 

(Don’t ask me how I know).

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