IDAL Instructor Biography

John Catalanotto & Greg Frohnapfel

John Catalanotto has been in the faux finishing industry for 29 years. Cofounder of Profaux workshops and tool company, John has worked in many aspects of tradeshows, hands-on workshops, product line development, wholesale, retail, domestic and foreign travel, and online sales. He enjoys meeting new students and maintaining relationships with previous ones. Most recently, John has worked on special projects with Evergreene Architectural Arts of Brooklyn, New York and taught in China on two separate trips in the past six months.

Greg Frohnapfel has worked in the painting trade for 44 years. Greg studied decorative finishing with Leonard pardon of England and worked for several years in the field before co-founding Profaux workshops and tool company. Together with John, the team has taught workshops in every major US and Canadian market as well as in the Caribbean, Italy and China. Greg has recently worked on special projects with Evergreen architectural arts of Brooklyn New York and taught in China on two separate trips in the past six months.

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