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IDAL Instructor Biography
Pierre Finkelstein
Pierre Finkelstein is a renowned author and decorative painting artisan. Originally from Paris, in 1987, Pierre built a reputable business, Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc., in New York City.  He is recognized for his realistic renderings of faux finishes like marble, wood, and trompe l’oeil.  Pierre Finkelstein is a 1986 gold-medal graduate of Van der Kellen, Institute in Belgium.  In 1990, Pierre was awarded the prestigious award of "Best Craftsman of France."  

He attributes his success to hard work, strong business sense, and continually learning from every job.  He is the author of two popular books on decorative painting, Recipes for Surfaces, (Simon & Shuster) and The Art of Faux (Watson-Guptill).

In 2019, Pierre moved his painting institute, The Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting, Inc.  to a permanent brick and mortar location in Brooklyn, New York where he hosts in-person training for domestic and international students.   The school and future online courses coincide with Pierre’s philosophy of the importance of teaching the very niche trade of decorative painting.   Additionally, for over 15 years, Pierre has offered superior quality decorative painting supplies on his online store,

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