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I can't log in to renew! What's up with that?

There could be one of several reasons for that frustrating problem:

    • If you are using a password that you set prior to January 1, 2015, it will not work on this software. You will need to reset it. Follow the instructions next to the log in box.

    • You are using an email address that is not the one that you used when you joined. If you can't remember what that email was, then contact IDAL admin to update your contact info to your new email. Once that is done, you will be able to log in. In the future, you can update all of your own contact information through your "personal profile" any time you log in. Your email address is your username for login purposes.

    • Your membership has expired. This means you are no longer in the member database and you will simply have to re-join. The software is set up to send membership renewal reminders 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and, finally, the day the membership expires. The day following the last reminder, you are no longer a member. This could be very important if you are taking advantage of the reduced-rate liability insurance which is a Professional member benefit. 

Where is my member number?

The new membership software generates random numbers which will override any number you used previously. If your membership expires and you have to re-join, you will be assigned a new number. Don't worry! It is for internal use only and you will no longer need it for IDAL identification… The member "identifier" is your email. If you change the email address that you use with your IDAL membership, be sure to update your contact info either by logging with your old email address and changing it in your profile or contact admin to have it changed. See below.

Don't I need my member number to renew or purchase liability insurance?

No. Citadel Insurance will verify your membership on an IDAL database of eligible members. If you are using an insurance application that still asks for that information, just leave that space blank or write "N/A". You can Click Here to get more information on liability insurance from Citadel Insurance for IDAL.

Do I need a PayPal account to join or renew online?

Definitely not! You can pay with Paypal, if you prefer. But you can also use a debit or credit card – either Visa or MasterCard.

Can I just send a check to renew or join IDAL?

Certainly! There is a link to a membership/renewal application on both the Join Us and the Renew pages. Just click, print, and mail. You can also use a credit card. Please be advised that processing a credit card this way is not secure and will require more time for completion than using the self-service on the website.

CAUTION!  When printing a renewal form, do NOT use the Emeritus form unless you qualify for the discount. If you do not qualify, your membership will not be processed. See the next FAQ for details.

What is an Emeritus member? Can I be one?

Emeritus membership was created to recognize and honor the early pioneers of the Stencil Artisans League, Inc./SALI which in 2008, became IDAL. The requirement was 17years of continuous membership. The category was closed to new members in 2008 because original dates in which members joined were lost when they were uploaded to computers. A renew form for Emeritus members is located on the Renew page.
If you do not qualify for this discount, your membership will not be processed. Please make sure that you use the correct form.

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