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The IDAL Stenciling Certification program provides an opportunity for League members to have their work juried by the leaders in the field. Only truly outstanding work passes the scrutiny of the Stenciling Certification Review Committee.

In recognition of their outstanding work, IDAL's certified stencilers are listed under the appropriate designation.

Certified Master Stenciling Teacher (CMST)

This class of certification can only be achieved after the member has earned the title of Certified Master Stenciler (CMS)

Peggy Decker

Certified Master Stenciler (CMS)

This class of certification can only be achieved after the CS member has earned passing marks in four master categories: wood, walls, fabric, and a free choice of substrate. Each artist's imagination is challenged at this level. Applicants are juried on the basis of their creativity, inventiveness and skilled approach to the coordination of colors and designs. Only truly outstanding work meets this standard of stenciling excellence.

 Sherry Wood       Ellie Ellis            Janie Gulick                  Sara (Sally) Hopkins

Certified Stenciling Teacher (CST)

This level can only be achieved after the member has earned the title of Certified Stenciler. Over 200 teaching hours along with lesson plans, photos and descriptions of visual aids are required. Additionally, former students of the teacher will be asked to return a written critique.

 Jackie Baxter  Alice Goldberg

Helen Morris 

 Dot Boruff  Johanna Guzik Renee O'Donnell
 Diane Bensch  Joyce Hambacher Linda Radziminski
 Connie Brooks  Marilyn Harzog Karen Scull
 Betty Brown  Nancy Janovsky Sara Singleon
 Cindy Coleman  Nancy Jones Sherry Singleon
 Cindy Dozpat  Judy Joyce Laurie Spagnolia
 Candy Lewis Duren  Mary Ellen Kilanowski Marie Surmer
 Ruth Garrison  Mary Jane Malinoski

Sandy Suttle

Elaine Torrie

Certified Stencil Artisan (CSA)

As with its counterpart, the Certified Stenciler (CS), the applicant’s technical abilities (measuring, placement, as well as design and color coordination) are juried. However, the CSA program was created to allow the Certification candidate more artistic freedom in creating a unique design concept.

Cynthia Davis
Kelly King
Ellie VanDyken-Ellis
 Eva Gallant  Helen Morris  Margaret Von Kaenel
 Janie Gulick  Cathy Rinn  Diane Williams
 Sheri Hoeger  Kami Tremblay  Lori Wilson

Certified Stenciler (CS)

Wood, wall or fabric samples must be completed for this initial level of Certification.

Kyoung Ae Park
 Therese Groel Martha Rachles
 Marilyn Arteaga Toni Grove Denise Ramey
 Holly Baumgarner Sheryl Gunn Linda Rogers
 Pat Berry Barbara Hansen Melanie Royals
Theresa Blosser
 Lynelle Harlow Judith Righetti
 Tracy Bougher Lynette Harris Anne Rullman
 Mary Boquard Beverly Hicks Amy Scheg
 Pat Brookes Michele Hollick Gudrun Schramm
 Julia Hierl Burmesch Sara Hopkins Raelene Searle
 Ellyn Bunata Jean Hyde Patricia Shales
 Aimee Burgin Donna Harkman Karen Shaffer
 Diane Busch
 Martha Johnson
 Carole Haines Shearer
 Susan Caldwell
 Susan Koch Diana Shupe
 Cindy Campbell Maria LaMalfa Eileen Snell
 Suzie Carlson Vicoria Layser Colleen Sockman
 Jo Bach Crary Estelle Lee Maureen Soens
 Judi Chanin Karen Lore Mary Severns
 Ruth Collins Ann Mangum Karol Suchy
 Connie Cotita Barbara McCarney Jan Swenson
 Pamela Curry Marcy McConnell Barbara Szydlowski
 Sherri D’Achille Jeanee McKibben Yvonne Thompson
 Tina Daley Millie McMenamin Susan Timm
 Julie Denning Traci Merriman Joan Traubenberg
 Jan Dressler Sarah Michell Deborah Valerga
 Linda Durkin Carolyn Morris Christina VanBlake
 Doreen Eaon Mary Ellen Murphy Verda Vogel
 Ellen Farseigh Karen Osborn Sharon Walsh
 Joanne Favale Mary Patterson Sheila Watts
 Doris Flett Wendy Popish Deborah Young
 Carolyn Finazzo Karen Price Cathy Zavorskas
 Mellodee Graham Barbara Scholz Porerie Elaine Torrie
  Natalie Gorden                                       Deanne Lenehan                                        Diane Williams

Certified Members

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