IDAL Instructor Biography
Beth Warnecke

Beth has been professionally creating and painting for over 15 years. She is always on the go traveling and training and loves scouring design pages and magazines to see what is currently en vogue with the designers. While she loves holding a trowel and making walls beautiful, cabinet refinishing makes up over 85% of her business.

She works with many designers in the St. Louis area refreshing the kitchens that they have designed. Beth is fortunate to have a studio with a room dedicated to spraying and has embraced the Rockler system for efficiency and its ability to travel for the out of town cabinet jobs.

She is passionate about bringing knowledge to those decorative painters that ask and welcomes everyone that reaches out. When not on the wall, Beth is helping to serve on the board of IDAL, enjoying her other passions in the St. Louis sporting industry, and just making it all work with the support of her children and great friends.

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