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Becoming an IDAL Mentor has many benefits.
Sharing knowledge and experience can be very empowering and moving. There can be a great deal of personal satisfaction that comes from helping a fellow Decorative Painter achieve their creative goals and face challenges with the right tools for success. It can also challenge one to stay on top of the Decorative Painting field to provide the Apprentice with the best feedback and guidance possible, as well as lead with fresh ideas and perspectives. 

A Mentor can create a legacy with a wonderful, lasting impact on the Apprentice. The IDAL organization is also proud to promote the Decorative Painting field through education and professional development.

There are an incredible number of benefits to being a Mentor

  • Provide practical advice, encouragement, and support to the career development of another person.
  • Enhance personal skills in leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Gain valuable insight and perspective from future members of your profession.
  • Build additional professional relationships.
  • Leads to personal satisfaction in giving back to your industry.

Interested in becoming an IDAL Mentor? Click here.

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