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Features and Benefits of IDAL Membership:

Listed below are examples of benefits that are either currently available or have recently been added or upgraded:

  • IDAL proudly assembles a yearly National Convention for our members and non-members to come together and expand their portfolios & grow their businesses with the purpose of selling more jobs.  In addition,  attendees cannot help but grow creatively as they spend time with others in their profession.  No pain…all gain!

  • IDAL members always enjoy a discounted rate when they attend the National Convention.  Who doesn’t like a little more money in their pocket?
  • IDAL’s Expanded Liability Insurance offerings mean our members can work in a more professional manner, giving a “peace of mind”   to themselves and their clients.

  • Participating in the Member Forum on IDAL’s website is a convenient way to grow professionally and apply this knowledge on the jobsite.  Get smarter…Work smarter, not harder.

  • We are making it easier for you to be found! Free marketing and publicity for our members, and that equates to more exposure & more money.

  • By increasing the number of local IDAL Chapters, our members will find it easier to “locate their professional tribes.” 

  • IDAL’s expanded emphasis on reaching the next generation of decorative artists translates into offering a vocational outlet for the younger artists and those desiring a change of vocation.  This      will result in an increase in job opportunities and financial gains for our new members.

  • IDAL is developing a mentoring program to help our members  work smarter… not harder.

  • Our organization is now featuring our members on social media and our website to give them increased exposure. This will translate into increased revenues for our members.

  • IDAL has expanded Membership Levels to include Student Members and Industry Partners. By doing this, we are inviting younger members to our organization and opening our doors to members in the building, furnishings, design & arts industries.       This symbiotic relationship will be mutually beneficial to everyone involved by increasing professionalism, sales and member exposure.

  • IDAL is developing a quarterly newsletter to tell our story, the stories of our members. As always, our members will reap the rewards with increased exposure that will mean more projects on the calendar.

  • Our free Member Gallery on IDAL’s website allows our members  to be easily found and offers them a gallery to showcase their projects and contact information.  Member visibility is important in moving their business to a higher level.

  • IDAL has increased the exposure for our business partners, vendors and sponsors. We value each of these groups and we are aggressively reaching out to help them grow their businesses. Increased exposure, support by our members and growth in the decorative arts industry will lead to increased sales for our business partners, vendors and sponsors.

  • IDAL is making its database and website available to designers, builders, architects and contractors so that we can become the “Go To” site in the industry. This will allow our members to be found easier, land more jobs and coordinate employment with colleagues.

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