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Tobey Sanders - IDAL 2022 Candidacy Statement

Hi! I'm Tobey Renee Sanders, The Faux Pro, a 22-year professional decorative artist, and proud IDAL member.

The IDAL organization will be electing new board members soon. Current and past members have certainly held this exceptional organization together and progressed it through this industry's ins and outs of demands. I would be honored to serve as a member of this board, specifically Social Media chair. In addition, this opportunity would allow me to fulfill my passion for keeping the decorative painting and faux art profession exposed to a broader demographic, using popular social media platforms.

Early in my career, I learned the value of "promotion." One of my first opportunities to introduce faux finishing was an article in a major business magazine and a write-up in the Atlanta Journal newspaper as an up-and-coming new start. During that time, flyers and business cards were adequate. As the trends went from offline to online, I developed a marketing strategy and skills to use on multiple social media platforms to grow my business exponentially. As a result, I have 85K Instagram followers and a growing Facebook and YouTube subscription.

In this industry, the trends and resources are ever-evolving. I have some ideas on how to keep up and look ahead at the same time. Being a part of a cutting-edge organization and implementing possibilities for newcomers to the field would be awesome. So let's make it happen. A vote for me is a vote to grow IDAL’s social media awareness.


Cindy Porter IDAL 2022 Candidacy Statement

One of my earliest memories of creating art was in kindergarten- at the end of our painting session I refused to put down my paints and quit! While the other kids were being forced to take their afternoon naps, I was still painting! Art class is still my happy place to this day.

I’ve been in this field for four decades, and even with all the ups and downs, (feast or famine) I still love it. I’ve been a member “at large”, of both SALI and IDAL from time to time over the years (because at the time we didn’t have a local chapter in my area). About 5 years ago, I decided that I’d have to go to at least one convention before I retired. So I did- I’ve been going every year since. I’ve learned as a volunteer about some of the many responsibilities that the IDAL board oversees. That’s why I would love to take the time now, to serve with a team that is so dedicated to the advancement of this industry, and I would be grateful for the opportunity to give back to the profession from which I’ve earned my livelihood these many years. Thanks!


Jennifer Walls IDAL 2022 Candidacy Statement

Hi, I am Jennifer Feibel Walls and soon to be Moore. I started painting as a creative outlet when I was a stay-at-home mom. I valued my time with my children while they were young but I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I turned a self-taught hobby into a profitable career. I formed WallstoWalls in 2000 and we are a leading custom Finishing Company in Tennessee. IDAL has been a huge part of this journey through the technical training, exposure to masterclasses nationwide, friendships and mentorships. I am influenced by textures, architectural finishes, colors and design. Seeing how the finishes and art that we create fits into the design/build industry really excites me. It's my time to give back, that is why I would be proud to serve on the board in the coming term.


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