2019 IDAL Board Candidates

Michelle Fountain IDAL - 2019 Candidacy Statement

As I have sat and thought about being on the board of IDAL, many things have crossed my mind. But I keep going back to building relationships. 

I began in this trade over 17 years ago  by taking my first class at Decorative Finishing studio. I continued attending classes as often as I could to hone my skills & business. It has treated me well and I owe a lot to this field. Being an IDAL board member will give me the chance to give back. It will allow me to be a part of something greater for the support and growth of our industry.

For the artists that have been doing this for most of our adult lives, I understand the industry and the need to transition into our future. For the artists just beginning, I want to help support them for their own success and the growth of this business as well. It's people and relationships that truly make our industry so rewarding. I would love to be able to give back and make a difference in this trade that we love and form positive relationships to continue moving IDAL and this industry in the right direction. 


Regina Garay - IDAL 2019 Candidacy Statement

I love artists. I love decorative painting. I love the energy that flows between both. This love led me to start my own studio in 1998 and it has changed my life. I started writing the Fauxology blog in 2007 to share this love after my family had an intervention and told me I need to stop talking about decorative painting. (Apparently, it's *all* I talked about.) Decorative Painting - and Design in general - is changing daily. The way we work, the way we communicate, the way we market. The only thing that does and should stay the same is the camaraderie and support between artists and the organizations that encourage and inform that esprit de corps. 

I'd like to be elected to the IDAL Board as I feel they are an organization that does this, and more. I believe the Board members have been working steadily towards adaptability, providing usable resources, and increasing the knowledge of their members. It's a team spirit I'd like to be involved with and I hope you feel comfortable in letting me bring my passions - art, marketing, and tech - to the table. Thank you!


Donna Mock IDAL - 2019 Candidacy Statement

I am so honored to be considered for the IDAL Board of directors. Never did I think when I joined IDAL 11 years ago that I would one day join this group of outstanding artist's. All of those who have gone before have done such an amazing job of keeping things running and reinventing to keep all of us current. I am so excited to be part of this and hope to follow in their very large footsteps. Thank you for allowing me to hopefully join the board. 

I am enthusiastic about our business and willing to work with others and accept ideas.  I'll listen to what our members want and need. Be proactive not reactive and most of all, love our business. I have known many of you for several years now and am always amazed at the diversity of our business and our ability to adapt and changes as the business dictates.  I feel that I bring flexibility and enthusiasm to see how far we can go as a group and individually. It’s always great to be able to share ideas and see what will work.  I have met the most amazing people thru IDAL and look forward to the opportunity of grow with it.


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