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STIR-IT-UP! Volume 9

This Stir-It-Up features a collection of articles that reflect perfectly the accomplishments and future goals of your IDAL board.

Earlier this year, we launched the IDAL blog with our first post explaining what happened with the change of the CITADEL insurance policy covering 5 specific counties of New York City. > Click here to read the blog post.

Another time consuming topic includes adjusting the IDAL by-laws to integrate the Code of Ethics. An event that happened within one of our chapters made us realize the Code of Ethics adopted in 2015 weren’t fully worded correctly as to give the board full use and governance.

Decorative Beginnings is a program created for anyone interested in becoming a decorative finisher.   If you know anyone interested in becoming a decorative painter, please share this page.  Related to new beginnings in decorative painting, an exciting new IDAL Mentor Program was created by board member, Regina Garay. Check out these pages to learn more about it and email:

Dear Attendees,

On behalf of the IDAL board of directors, we want to thank you for attending the 2019 convention in Charlotte, NC. We also thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions and we assure you that each will be given consideration so that our future conventions and events are a huge success.  Please stay tuned for the next location announcement coming soon! 

Tracie Weir
IDAL President

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