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IDAL Stencil Certification: Progressive Levels of Excellence

Certification through the International Decorative Artisans League validates our members' training and education in the decorative art of stenciling. Members apply for Certification as a way to set a higher standard for their work. Artisans can point to their professional Certification proudly when clients ask for qualifications beyond sample boards.

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5 Levels of Certification

Certified Stenciler—CS

An IDAL member may apply to become a certified stenciler in all or any of the following categories:
walls, wood, and/or fabric.

Application for Certified Stencilist

Information Manual for Certified Stencilist

Certified Stencil Artisan—CSA

Certified Stenciling Teacher—CST

Certified Master Stenciler—CMS

Certified Master Stenciling Teacher—CMST

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